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Katya Stec Interview July 2018

From having fun cracking jokes, to voice over acting, and being an inspiration to others my next guest is certainly a well rounded person. This lady is one of the hosts of a YouTube channel called the MiscatSquad please allow me to introduce Miss. Katya Stec.

So your probably asking yourself what exactly is MiscatSquad and how does this fit into the gameing blog and the into the gaming category. This channel is also very unique in nature because Katya along with her co-hosts brings the gaming element to the channel but it's also meant with other cool qualities such as comical skits and inspirational messages. I was on Twitter one day and I had received a retweet from one of my followers and within this tweet Katya had expressed such gratitude for the achivement that MiscatSquad had accomplished on the channel, hitting 20K subscribers. I just knew I had to take a closer look and I'm very thankful that I did. So without any more delay please welcome the lovely Miss. Katya Stec and her YouTube channel MiscatSquad.

Interview Begins

Question One: What is your favorite game and why?

Answer: Through so many good games Miss. Katya was able to narrow her choices down and had broken them down to which game represented which part of her life that she was currently in. During childhood every ones favorite purple dragon hero Spyro in his trilogy played a big part here, The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker and The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess represents her teen years, and so far in her adulthood the Uncharted series takes the cake. Miss. Katya had went on and expressed that Uncharted was very inspiring for her especially the work of Nolan North's voice acting as character Nathan Drake, "As an aspiring voice actress being able to learn from Nolan North's performance as Nathan Drake is the best part of playing the Uncharted series." Miss. Katya expressed.

Question Two: What is your least favorite game and why?

Answer: Games filled with comedy, rich stories, positive lessons, and anything that makes you think of colors is what motivates this gamer to choose the games that she plays. Something like Bloodborne are types of games that she stays away from as they are to dreary and dark, these styles of games just doesn't match her colorful personality and is just to uncomfortable for her to enjoy.

Question Three: What message do you have for young YouTube gamers?

Answer: "Do what makes you happy, don't jump on the trend band wagon just to get more views/subscribers." Is what Miss. Katya recommends, "Don't change for anyone and be who you are weather it's fun, loud, and crazy or quiet and casual. It all stems down to the type of person you are and what you want to create."

Question Four: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Answer: Truly dedicated to the cause Miss. Katya and the MiscatSquad has put their better foot forward and went full time on YouTube. They are looking forward to working on the channel bringing us more cool creative projects that embraces what the MiscatSquad brand is all about which is "bringing out the fangirl and fanboy each and every day", that boils down to simply being fun, geeky, and just being yourself. Miss. Katya had also expressed that she would like to take a personal journey doing character sound effects like zombies, imps, and monsters or a lead character in a video game production part.

Question Five: If you could create a game, money being no option, what would it be?

Answer: A game that deals big with creatures is an attractive aspect that Miss. Katya would work with when bringing a game to life. She deeply admired The Clickers and The Bloaters from the game The Last of Us. She also likes the idea of YA faction and even slice-of-life anime so intertwining those with creatures like The Bloaters you get yourself a good old fashioned love story.

Question Six: What's your highest gaming accomplishment?

Answer: Enduring and surviving The Last of Us gave Miss. Katya a run for her money. She expressed that even on the normal mode Joel had succumbed to his death alot though what can you expect when it was a first run through of a game, "You can checkout the MiscatSquad channel and watch the run through." Miss. Katya explained, "But I have improved quite a bit and wouldn't mind trying it again."

Question Seven: What game got you started on YouTube?

Answer: Thanks to a fellow MiscatSquad member Miss. Katya had started playing the game Life is Strange which turned out to be something that she really felt comfortable doing, "I had no idea I wanted to be a YouTube gamer until I was recommended to play Life is Strange." MiscatSquad was a born ready channel to host games because it started out as a manga review channel sprinkled with some geek culture on top allowing for games to be made possible on this channel and it fits quite nicely. Miss Katya had expressed that while playing Life is Strange it had felt right. Being able to explore other cultures, getting engaged by colorful stories, and talking alot about her favorite characters is what Miss. Katya is all about making Life is Strange the perfect candidate as an intro to the gaming world. "I'll never forget the day I held the controller to play Life is Strange and took a deep breath." Miss. Katya explained, "Your doing this. You'll be okay." From then on there nothing that the MiscatSquad channel couldn't do.

Question Eight: Other then gaming what are your passions?

Answer: Voice acting plays a big role in Miss. Kathy's life. Starting at a very young age the "wee chicken nugget days" as she calls them she has found memories of doing voices for that loveable purple dragon Spyro and his friends to making up songs about The King of Red lions from The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker with her sister. Voice acting is a great passion for her and it gives her a means of escaping reality to be someone else rather or not those characters offer up different believes than what she does. Another passion Miss. Katya enjoys is RPGing. This became another way for her to bound with her sister because as they were growing up they had an ongoing roleplay going even to this day for over 10 years making those characters a big part of their life. Miss. Katya expressed that in the next couple of years she would like to make those characters part of a project and perhaps introduce them to the world with hopes that the rest of us would really like them to.

Question Nine: As a girl gamer do you believe YouTube is an equal opportunity platform as it is for guy gamers?

Answer: "People overreact." Miss. Katya stated, "They use the guy vs girl propaganda in both games and in general." However she also mentioned that guy gamers have not said before that a girl can't be doing games because they are girls, "It's not like it's preschool where boys say a girl has cooties." She is a believer that at the end of the day it basically boils down to the same thing no matter if your a guy gamer or girl gamer that each will have their critics some good and some who will be angry at what you did it didn't do. "It stems down to how hard you work and how much effort you put into a project. Hard work + dedication = success."

Question Ten: Why do you play video games?

Answer: This was very personal to Miss. Katya as she had stated again that she likes to escape reality just the same way that she used voice acting to escape reality for a little while. On the MiscatSquad channel she exclaimed that some stuff she has posted was from her personal life and at that time what she was going through. Miss. Katya found it extremely therapeutic to be able to escape and explore different worlds. She also thinks it would be useful to have video games as therapy for mental illnesses as other members of the MiscatSquad had been helped playing games as a way to get through stuff.

Question Eleven: I noticed on your channel you do inspirational vlog messages to new and upcoming youtubers, does the video games you play offer those same kind of messages?

Answer: A tweet series turned video series started what Miss. Katya had come to be known as Dear Young Creators on MiscatSquad. She had commented that it actually started by her sitting down one day to just talk for a couple of hours because it wasn't a very good day for her. Dear Young Creators is directed to kids and teens who feel lost and confused to their path of success. As far as games go Miss. Katya explained that many games she chose to play offer advice in some way such as Life is Strange and The Walking Dead like "Be yourself" and "Survive" to even God of War "Tough love" which is what younger generations need to hear from time to time.

Question Twelve: Before playing a game how do you feel?

Answer: Being on a new journey visiting new places is how Miss. Katya described how she feels. Even playing characters like how she loves playing Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher in Uncharted is like seeing old friends.

Question Thirteen: During game play how do you feel?

Answer: Getting into such a focused state of mind Miss. Katya explained that she enters a mode while playing where the outside world disappears and is fully transported into the game itself. In this mode she grasps the storylines, plots, and characters to their full extent. She described it as like she was walking beside the characters and living in their shoes.

Question Fourteen: After game play how do you feel?

Answer: Once Miss. Katya wraps up a gaming session she takes away something new every time. Having a new sense of appreciation for the hard working teams who also come together as families that put together these amazing games shedding their blood, sweat, and tears she realizes that not just a single person could have put it together nor did it happen over night, "Just like how we do at MiscatSquad." Miss. Katya expressed. "It's comforting to know that even after I finish a game I can always go back to it because these characters become our friends and family. So it's never goodbye but see you later."

Interview Ends

Miss. Katya and the MiscatSquad have a very positive feature ahead of them. This channel offers such unique diversity over other gaming channels because it also has a foundation built from inspiring new creators with positive messages. I enjoyed getting to know what the MiscatSquad was about and was happy to bring awareness to a strong team and family of people. I wish only the best for them and hope they continue on the path they are set on. Links are below to the MiscatSquad channel along with some extras so have a look. I look forward to my interview on the future with this wonderful creator who inspires so many. Thanks again for joining me and see you all next time.

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